best hiking trails in Ischia

Best Hiking Trails in Ischia – Five of the Most Picturesque Walks

Long walks in the sun is what summertime is all about! Set among chestnut forests, volcanic rocks and winding vineyards, the best hiking trails in Ischia are guaranteed to satisfy your urge. From the sun-kissed peaks of Mount Epomeo to the breath-taking cliff-top scenery which overhangs Maronti Beach, there is something for everyone.

Of course there are plenty of reasons to consider this beautiful island for your next vacation. However, if pleasant strolls through quirky streets, blooming flowers and forest trails appeal to you, our list of captivating walks in Ischia is sure to convince you!

Mount Epomeo

Prepare for stunning panoramic views!

Of course, no list of the best hiking trails in Ischia would be complete without a mention of the stunning Mount Epomeo. At 789 meters high, the trek to the peak is packed with glorious panoramic views of the whole island.

Start your trek from the village of Fontana and you can easily follow the well sign-posted path to the mountain. Ascending as you head north will open your eyes to the lush greenery and rolling vineyards of the mountain slopes. Not for the faint-of-heart, the walk is certainly suitable for those with an average fitness level. It can be steep in places.

best hiking trails in Ischia

The view of Epomeo from below

As if gorgeous vistas from the top weren’t enough of a reward, you’ll also reach a small restaurant and bar. La Grotta da Fiore is a popular spot for hikers who have worked up an appetite. It’s the perfect place to enjoy some Bruschetta with a view!

Suggested Route: Head to the main square in Fontana where you’ll come across a small church. Turn left from outside the church and you’ll see signposts pointing up the hill to Mount Epomeo. The route is signposted throughout.

Don’t Miss:  The charming restaurant of La Grotta di Fiore at the peak of Mount Epomeo. Ideal for a refreshing drink and a bite to eat!

Through the Falanga Forest

The ethereal Falanga Forest

Featuring delightful stone houses and the beautiful white church of Santa Maria al Monte, this is one of our favorite walks in Ischia. Combining the ancient wine route of Forio with a stroll through the luscious Bosco Falanga, this inland walk is relaxing yet exhilarating.

Head south from the Santa Maria al Monte church. Here, the blue signposts will indicate the route through Falanga Forest – a chestnut wood with primitive stone houses. These quirky abodes once gave refuge to grape growers on the island. Enjoy the luxuriant vegetation – this enchanting setting makes for an ethereal stroll.

After a stretch within these magical woods, you will reach a gorgeous clearing with panoramic vistas stretching far across the idyllic west side of the island. From here, a mule track which will guide you to the road towards Serrera Fontana. It’s undoubtedly one of the best hiking trails in Ischia.

Suggested Route: Begin by driving to the Santa Maria al Monte church. Here you will be greeted by a small group of houses and a restaurant. Besides the restaurant the path to the forest of Falanga awaits – head south and follow the blue signposts through Falanga. After the clearing a mule-track leads to the road which will take you to Serrera Fontana.

Don’t Forget: This rural walk is set within the picturesque forest of Falanga. It’s far from the hustle and bustle of town life. Bring plenty of water and refreshments!

Sant’Angelo to Maronti Beach

The gorgeous vista at Maronti Bay

A stroll across the southern cliffs of Ischia is guaranteed to be packed with breath-taking panoramic views and sublime ocean vistas, satisfying the urges of any avid hiker. Arriving the soft sands and clear waters of  Maronti Beach will be a well-deserved reward on this delightful walk.

Beginning in the gorgeous harbor town of Sant’Angelo, one can amble lazily through the quaint streets without a care in the world. Relax with a coffee before starting your walk at the archway which marks the entrance to the village!

From here, you should bear east, where signposts for Le Fumarole Beach will guide you on your path. The beach provides a good spot for some quick refreshment among the quirky flower-padded houses on the way.

Continue past Le Furmarole and you’ll embark up a relatively steep hill – the ascent will be worth it for the views from above! Follow the path across the cliff-tops and you’ll wind up at Maronti, just in time for a refreshing dip in the ocean.

Suggested Route: Head east from Sant’Angelo and follow signs to Le Fumarole until you reach one which points southwards to the beach itself. Continue past this and you will ascend towards the clifftops. From here, the path will lead naturally to Maronti Beach.

Don’t Miss: The delectable seafood at Bar Ristorante Nettuno. It’s one of the many excellent restaurants on Maronti Beach! The perfect way to refuel on one of the best hiking trails in Ischia.

La Mortella Gardens

The sheer beauty of the flora and fauna here is incredible!

Our next walk is one of the most invigorating on the list, as it would be absurd not to include a stroll through La Mortella Gardens in our list!

Giardini La Mortella is a Mediterranean oasis of luscious flora and fauna, superbly manicured and lovingly maintained. It’s a relaxing horticultural paradise! There is an array of highly beautiful plants, with fascinating giant lily-pads which can hold the weight of a child.

The walk there from Chiaia Beach features incredible sea-front views of the west coast, before turning inland towards La Mortella. It is well worth spending a day wandering around the fascinating gardens. There is a plethora of luxurious nature and interesting history to discover.

A scenic spot which should not be missed on your return is Belvedere Di Zaro. It’s terrace with a stupendous view of the breath-taking scenery which surrounds one of the best hiking trails in Ischia!

Suggested Route: Begin at Seasons Restaurant on Chiaia Beach. From here, following the road northwards will offer a stunning ocean vista on your left. Continue past San Francesco beach – a right turn at the T-junction will guide you past Ristorante Zi’Carmelaa to La Mortella Gardens.

Don’t Miss: The Tea Room at La Mortella Gardens. It turns out a pot of tea and a slice of cake goes down well in paradise as well!

Castello Aragonese

On a clear day you’ll see Naples from this majestic castle

On the east of Ischia lies a coastline which makes for a charming hike, featuring a visit to the breath-taking Castello Aragonese. From the castle you will be treated to stunning views. On a clear day, you’ll enjoy the whole of Ischia Ponte in one direction whilst gazing upon Naples in the other!

This walk begins through an ancient village of beautiful eighteenth century architecture. Mysterious gardens and courtyards are hidden behind heavy chestnut doors.

Follow our route towards Castello Aragonese. For a small fee you can explore this medieval castle,  perched on an islet which is linked to the mainland by a causeway. It’s stunningly picturesque! Beautiful and peaceful, the views from this attraction cannot be missed.

Having explored the castle, one can continue the route towards Cartaromana Beach. Enjoy your stroll between ancient houses and gardens, down large lava-stone stairways towards the quiet and secluded beach. One of the best hiking trails in Ischia, it is approximately forty-five minutes between the Castle and Cartaromana. Be sure to enjoy a dip once you arrive!

Suggested Route: Begin at either Dei Pescatori Beach or via Seminario – the road where Ischia Ponte begins. Follow this road east. You will end up at the roundabout leading to Aragonese Castle. Having explored, retrace your footsteps until you reach a left turn before the Church of the Holy Spirit. Take some stairs down, so as to follow Via Soronzano. Bear left at the main junction. You will eventually reach Cartaromana Beach.

Don’t Forget: Drop into Ristorante i Pirati (Pirate Restaurant) on Cartaromana Beach for authentic food and excellent wine to top off your walk!

Now that you’ve explored some of the best hiking trails in Ischia, why not find out more by exploring our quick guide to the island?