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Our on-the-ground team share with you the highlights from Ischia, Pantelleria and Forte dei Marmi. A little bit of Italian wanderlust to brighten even the most lackluster of days.  

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Dining out Ischia_Villa Italy

Ischia Cuisine: Our favourite restaurants

Campania is a region renowned for its deliciously unpretentious cuisine. The traditional diet combines farm produced and agricultural ingredients, with fruits of the sea. Gifted with a rich and fertile soil: tomatoes, aubergine, peppers, garlic and herbs are all staple ingredients to traditional dishes. And heavenly aromatic fruits grow in abundance throughout the countryside. Neapolitan […]

Forte dei Marmi_Apuan Coast_Villa Italy

Tuscany for your next Italian beach escape? Here’s why…

When one thinks of Tuscany it’s normally of rolling hills and picturesque villages, the fabulous cities of Florence, Pisa and Siena; a region rich in artistic and gastronomical heritage. So much art, so much history, it’s easy to forget that Tuscany also has a whole lot going for it down on the coast. Boasting one […]

Pantelleria_Travel Guide_Villa Italy

Travel guide to Pantelleria: Five Reasons to Visit

The island of Pantelleria is situated in the Strait of Sicily, between Sicily and Tunisia. While it remains pleasantly undiscovered by international tourists, it has all the trumps for making a great holiday destination. But let’s keep that between ourselves. The volcanic outcrop can best be described as a melting lava pot of Arab and […]

Balata dei Turchi_Pantelleria_Villa Italy

Take the plunge: The best swimming and diving spots on Pantelleria

Pantelleria is not for those looking for a traditional beach holiday. The volcanic island situated off the coast of Sicily is distinctly lacking in beaches. Instead the impressive coastline is shaped by marine grottos and rocky bluffs which meet the cobalt waters and shelter hidden coves and caves. It’s an idyllic location to let your […]

Ischia reasons to visit-Sant'angelo_villa italy

Ischia Travel Guide: Five Reasons to Visit

There are countless reasons why smart travellers choose Ischia (EES-kee’ah) for a holiday. Italophiles, beach lovers, wellness enthusiasts, and foodies. Or those just looking for space and freedom away from the perspiring crowds of Naples and Capri. All are catered for on glorious Ischia. In fact, the longer you stay on this isola verde (green […]

Maronti_Beach_Ischia_Villa Italy

A Guide To Ischia’s Best Beaches

So much perfection in just 17 square miles. The glorious island of Ischia has all the ingredients to concoct a seriously good Italian vacation. The vivid colours of Ischia exude a happy-go-lucky pace you’ll only understand if you’ve grown up on a small island. The fertile green countryside pockmarked with tufa and strewn with the […]

Dining and Shopping

Dining and shopping in Tuscany, Ischia and Pantelleria can be tricky, if you don’t know where to go and end up in one of the many tourist traps. As natives and passionate service providers we strive to bring you our top picks for a memorable stay. We are foodies and love shopping. On top of that, we ‘know’ these destinations better than locals at times, so rest assured that whatever you’ll read in this section is trustworthy. 

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