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As natives and passionate service providers we strive to bring you our top picks from each destination to ensure you enjoy a memorable stay.

Our on-the-ground team share with you the highlights from Ischia, Pantelleria and Forte dei Marmi. A little bit of Italian wanderlust to brighten even the most lackluster of days.  

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Ischia town from castello aragonese_Villa Italy

Sublime Italy: Ahhh…. Ischia!

Situated in the Gulf of Naples, just one hour’s ferry ride from the swagger and hullabaloo of Naples city, lies the ethereal garden paradise of Ischia. At only 17 square miles the volcanic island is small, yet flawless. If you want to holiday like the Italians, check in at Ischia. Whilst the throng of summer […]

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Exclusive Italy: Forte dei Marmi

Well heeled Italians flock to Forte dei Marmi on the Tuscan coast for their summer holidays. The resort is fast becoming the luxury travel destination for European and Russian tourists. Here’s why. Gorgeous beaches, handsome villas, luxury shopping, safe environment and the stunning Apuan Alps as a backdrop. The most chic resort on the Versilia […]

Pantelleria_Venus Mirror_Vacation Rental

Secluded Italy: The Best of Pantelleria

If you consider yourself a vacation trailblazer, the Sicilian island of Pantelleria should be on your bucket list. The ‘black pearl of the Mediterranean’; so named for its unpolished volcanic landscape and glittering coastline is the destination choice for those Italian a-listers who don’t want to see and be seen. Lying south of the western-most […]

Castello Aragonese Ischia

Ischia Hidden Corners

Ischia Hidden Corners are many. Some even say that Ischia itself is a hidden island and it is unknown by the most. Certainly not in Italy but possibly for people living abroad. In fact, the prestigious National Geographic magazine recently published an article on Ischia titled The Incredible Italian Island You’ve Never Heard Of. Click HERE […]

Ischia Toiletry Essentials

Exquisite toiletry essentials

Dining and Shopping

Dining and shopping in Tuscany, Ischia and Pantelleria can be tricky, if you don’t know where to go and end up in one of the many tourist traps. As natives and passionate service providers we strive to bring you our top picks for a memorable stay. We are foodies and love shopping. On top of that, we ‘know’ these destinations better than locals at times, so rest assured that whatever you’ll read in this section is trustworthy. 

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