A Guide To Ischia’s Best Beaches

spiaggia pescatori_Ischia beach_Villa Italy

Pescatori Beach, Ischia Ponte

So much perfection in just 17 square miles. The glorious island of Ischia has all the ingredients to concoct a seriously good Italian vacation. The vivid colours of Ischia exude a happy-go-lucky pace you’ll only understand if you’ve grown up on a small island.

The fertile green countryside pockmarked with tufa and strewn with the pink vines of wild-growing Bougainvillea, gracefully dissolves into whitewashed villages and tutti frutti coloured seaside towns. The deep azure blue sky reaches down in greeting to the crystal waters of Ischia’s spiaggias (beaches) and baie (bays).

Beach lovers are spoilt for choice as Ischia’s coastline is formed of golden sandy stretches of beach and twinkling bays; some of the most glorious in the Campania region. The petite island is small enough that you could comfortably visit a different beach every day of a two week vacation.

Villa Italy’s Guide To The Best Beaches on Ischia

Beaches of Ischia Porto & Ischia Ponte

Spiaggia dei Pescatori

Spiaggia dei Pescatori (the fisherman’s beach) is situated close to Ischia Ponte and as the name suggests it’s primarily used by local fisherman to leave their boats on dry land. During the summer months, its also popular with locals and visitors, drawn to Spiaggia dei Pescatori (above photo) for the convivial ambience, lovely views to Procida and the Castello Aragonese, and the many snacks bars and restaurants serving up plates of fried Alici, Spaghetti al Pomodoro or traditional Neapolitan pizza.

Favourite experience: The perfect end to your day on Spiaggia dei Pescatori: saunter into Ischia Ponte (8 minutes walk) for a Gelato alla Stracciatella at Gelateria Ice da Luciano.

Spiaggia di Pagoda

Pagoda Beach shares its location with the iconic venue Blu Jane. A mini boat-shaped disco that has become a popular celebrity hangout and integral part of Ischia’s nightlife: Mick Jagger is said to have visited. Anyway, disco aside; Pagoda Beach is hidden away just a small distance from the harbour of Ischia Porto. It’s one of the smallest beaches on the island, but what it loses on size, it makes up for with beautiful golden sands and an escape from the summer crowds.

Favourite experience: Peace!

Beaches of Forio d’Ischia

Citara Beach _Ischia Beaches_Villa Italy

Citara Beach, Forio

Spiaggia di Citara

Citara Beach is one of the island’s larger beaches. Surrounded by low cliffs, densely covered in vegetation, Citara is situated just outside of Forio town. There is no shortage of facilities and amenities. You can hire sun loungers and parasols, partake in water sports and take your pick from the many beach bars and restaurants.

Citara Beach is also home to the Poseidon Thermal Gardens, and is one of the few beaches on the island that gets the sun all day.

Favourite experience: Stay for sundowners at a beach bar and enjoy the sensational sunsets.

cava dell'isola_Ischia_Villa Italy

Cava dell’Isola

You could say you hang out on, rather than relax on Cava dell’Isola (right), as this beach is frequented by the young and energetic, who prefer their beach days full of volleyball, beach rounders, water sports and snorkelling around the cove, and generally much joviality.

The beach is in walking distance from Forio town, just follow the esplanade along. Or five minutes drive and a shimmy down a steep slope from the road.

Favourite experience: Snorkeling and exploring the rock pools and little caves.

San Francesco_Ischia_Private swim access

Spiaggia San Francesco

San Francesco Beach is the closest beach to Villa Torre dell’Aquila and a favourite spot for families. The fine golden sands shelve gently down to the pristine waters. Towards one end of the beach there are rock pools, which form into natural pools: great for exploring with the kids. And snorkelling at San Francesco is highly recommended.

Favourite experience: Canoeing around the cliffs to explore the caves.
Or perhaps swimming off the private deck from the rocks below Villa Torre dell’Aquila (above). Book your stay.

Torre dell'Aquila - Vista dalla terrazza principale

Torre dell’Aquila – View from Main Terrace

Beaches of Barano d’Ischia

Spiaggia dei Maronti

A three kilometer slender stretch of gleaming sand shelves down to the aquamarine waters at Maronti Beach. This popular beach lies just a short distance from Sant’Angelo and the views to the town are amazing. It’s also home to the Cavascura Natural Springs and caves.

Maronti_Beach_Ischia_Villa Italy

Maronti Beach, Barano d’Ischia

There are free and paid-for zones on Maronti Beach, and access is via water taxi from Sant’Angelo or take a bus or taxi direct and navigate the steep path down to the beach.

Favourite experience: A lazy morning of sun and swim followed by some pore cleansing and relaxation time in the Cavascura caves.

Beaches of Sant’Angelo

Spiaggia delle Fumarole

Step carefully on the sands of Le Fumarole beach, as hot vapours escape from the volcanic basin below. In some parts the sand temperature can reach up to 150º degrees. However, a visit to Le Fumarole is not to be missed, where else can you sunbathe, cure your ailments and cook your lunch on the sand?

Le Fumarole is also the location for the Aphrodite Thermal Gardens. Is there a beach in Ischia that doesn’t have a thermal theme? Hardly. Take the coastal path down from the pretty village of Sant’Angelo, and enjoy the spectacular views on the way.

Favourite experience: Warm sand between your toes and an evening picnic spread out on a blanket under a starry night sky.

Baia di Sorgeto

Bigger is not better in Ischia, as teeny tiny Baia di Sorgeto proves. The warm thermal waters and vapours bubble up through the rocks. Sit back in this natural sauna and feel the reviving power of Ischia’s thermal waters. Reach Baia di Sorgeto via 300 steps down from the village of Panza, or by water taxi from chic Sant’Angelo.

Favourite experience: An evening dip in the thermal waters.

Beaches of Lacco Ameno

Baia di San Montano

Blue hues dominate the enchanting San Montano Bay: cyan skies, turquoise waters and uniformed royal blue parasols line up along the pristine sands. Situated just outside of Lacco Ameno, this is a great beach spot for families with children, with calm seas and good amenities, and certainly one of the prettiest bays on the island.

Favourite experience: Indulge in a visit to the Negombo Spa Park situated above the beach.

Lacco Ameno beach_Ischia_Villa Italy

Spiaggia Litoranea, Lacco Ameno

Spiaggia Litoranea

Soft golden sands, wonderful views and the pretty town and harbour of Lacco Ameno, make Litoranea Beach one of the most picturesque on Ischia.

Favourite experience: People-watching on the beach followed by some boutique shopping in Lacco Ameno.

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