Pantelleria Island

Imagine the Mediterranean as it used to be: unspoiled, laid back, tranquil and fulfilling…all in one happy little island. Volcanic rich soil, lush cultivated terraces, sweet Zibibbo wine, the world’s finest capers and some of the world’s most discrete atmosphere make Pantelleria a refuge for connoisseurs.

Travellers love it for its distinctive privacy and so do celebrities, to the point that you wouldn’t know Armani, Depardieu and others such as Madonna, Sting, Julia Roberts and Martin Scorsese have either homes here or stayed in a Dammuso, the typical island house.

Known as the black pearl of the Mediterranean for its lava rocks, deep blue seas, and deep blue starry nights, this island will bewitch you. Natural hot springs abound, prehistoric burial tumuli rise above terraced vineyards, and locals and visitors alike celebrate the simple pleasures of sea, sun, and village life.

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